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Which table is stored on the spine switches of an ACI fabric?
A. Global station table.
B. Tenant station table.
C. Proxy station table.
D. Local station table.
Correct Answer: D


Which two tables are stored on the leaf switch of an ACI fabric? (Choose two.)
A. proxy station table
B. local station table
C. tenant station table
D. global station table
Correct Answer: BD


Which aspect of an endpoint group contract is optional?
A. Action
B. Subject
C. filter
D. label
Correct Answer: D


Which two statements describe how an attachable entity profile policy enables external connectivity’?
(Choose two.)
A. Associates internal VLAN pools to internal domains.
B. Associates external domains to attachment points.
C. Provides VLAN pool scope and maps external domains to leaf ports.
D. Provides VLAN mapping to physical spine ports.
E. Associates external VLAN pools to external VMM domains.
Correct Answer: BC


Which option describes the ACI fabric information that is contained in the proxy station table?
A. Addresses of all hosts attached to the ACI fabric.
B. Addresses of all hosts attached directly to the leaf.
C. Global cache of station endpoints.
D. Local cache of station endpoints.
Correct Answer: A


Which option describes what is included in the ACI VXLAN header with which all tenant traffic within the
fabric is tagged?A. Policy group (source group), forwarding group (tenant, VRF, bridge domain), destination IP address
group, and source IP address group.
B. Policygroup (source group) forwarding group (tenant, VRF, bridge domain), load- balancing policy, and
telemetry policy.
C. Flow mapping of endpoint groups to applications, Layers 3 external identifiers and leaf association of
application profiles.
D. Destination IP address group source IP address group, forwarding group, load-balancing policy and
telemetry policy.
Correct Answer: A


How are VLAN tags used in an ACI fabric?
A. To group traffic in Layer 3 IP subnet.
B. To group traffic, in Layer 2 broadcast domains.
C. Only for traffic classification.
D. Only for reporting purposes.
Correct Answer: C


Which two configurations must be used when configuring the ACI fabric for OSPF? (Choose two).
A. There must be one OSPFv2 adjacency per tenant.
B. The ACI fabric must be configured in Area 0.
C. The ACI fabric must be configured as a stub network.
D. The ACI fabric must be configured as a transit network.
E. The OSPF times for the fabric must match the private network.
Correct Answer: CE


To which layer of the OSI model would the ACI concepts of EGP, BD, policy groups (VPC, PC, interfaces),
and encapsulation (VLAN, VXLAN, NVGRE) map?
A. Session
B. Application
C. Presentation
D. Transport
E. Network
F. Data link
G. physical
Correct Answer: A


How are endpoint location and identity mapping learned in an ACI fabric?
A. Leaf nodes report endpoint addresses to the ARC using COOP.
B. Learning occurs through APIC mapping, VMM mapping, DHCP forwarding, ARP/GARP learning, and
data plane learning.
C. VMM reports virtual machine creation to spine and leaf nodes.
D. Addresses of all hosts that are attached to the ACI fabric are programmed through the API.
Correct Answer: C


To which four layers of the OSI model would the ACI concepts graphs and ANPs be associated? (Choose
A. Data link
B. Transport
C. Presentation
D. Application
E. Session
F. Network
G. Physical
Correct Answer: BDFG


Which logical separator is applied to traffic administration visibility and other operational aspects of the ACI
A. endpoint group
B. application network policy
C. Layer 2 through Layer 7 network policies of the application.
D. Tenant
E. contract
Correct Answer: D


To which layer of the OSI model would the ACI concepts of policy, AEP and physical and VMM domains?
A. Physical
B. Data link
C. Network
D. Transport
E. Presentation
F. Application
G. session
Correct Answer: B


Which two options describe functions of the Council of Oracles Protocol? (Choose two.)
A. COOP updates the addresses of all hosts that are attached to the ACI fabric.
B. COOP enables APIC mapping, VMM mapping DHCP forwarding ARP/GARP learning and data plane
C. COOP ensures all spine nodes maintain a consistent copy of endpoint addresses.
D. COOP maintains the distributed hash table repository of endpoint identity-to-location mappings.
Correct Answer: AB


Where in the APIC GUI are local users created?
A. Admin >AAA
B. Tenant>Tenant Name
C. System >UsersD. Fabric > Access Policies
Correct Answer: A


Where in the APIC GUI are Layer 2 and Layer 3 network created?
A. VM Networking > inventory
B. Fabric > Access policies
C. VM networking > policies
D. Tenants >Tenant_Name
Correct Answer: B


What are the four aspects of an endpoint group contract?
A. subject, filter, action, ports
B. subject action, path, label
C. subject, filter, action, label
D. subject, filter, path, action
Correct Answer: C


What is the primary role of an application-centric infrastructure?
A. Data-center-specific configuration of infrastructure.
B. Groups network endpoints into logical categories.
C. Establishes multiple forwarding paths in the ACI fabric.
D. Forwards packets in the ACI fabric.
E. Defines the data center network topology requirements.
Correct Answer: B


Where in the APIC GUI is VMM domain created?
A. VM networking > inventory
B. Fabric > Access policies
C. Tenants> Common
D. VM networking > policies
Correct Answer: D


What is required to deploy a VLAN pool on leaf switch?
A. An attachable entity profile
B. An application network profile
C. An endpoint group
D. A virtual routing and forwarding instance
Correct Answer: A


In an ACI fabric what is equivalent to a VRF that separates routing instances and can be used foradministrative separation?
A. Private network (Layer 3)
B. Layer 2 through layer 7 network policies of the application
C. Endpoint group
D. Tenant
E. contract
Correct Answer: A


Which protocol is used by the ACI fabric to learn the location of ESX hosts?
A. Council of Oracles Protocol
B. Link Aggregation Control Protocol
C. Link Layer Discovery Protocol
D. Cisco Discovery Protocol
Correct Answer: D


What is the VXLAN source group field used for in an ACI fabric?
A. to distribute bridge domain information in the fabric
B. to identity IP subnets that are required for each application function
C. to identify- specific endpoints for each application function
D. to enable VMM repotting of virtual machine creation to the fabric
Correct Answer: C


During ACI fabric initialization, both spine and leaf nodes request which configurations from the APIC
A. boot files and fabric name
B. tunnel endpoint addresses and boot files
C. tunnel endpoint addresses and fabric name
D. appliance vector and DCHP address
Correct Answer: A


Which option is used in ACI for peer communication and path recovery of virtual port channels?
A. ACI fabric
B. unicast VTEP
C. peer link
D. spine ports
Correct Answer: C


Which REST operations are supported in the ACI fabric?
A. Post,Get.Delete
B. Filter, Post,Get
C. Label,Filter,PostD. Get, Label, filter
Correct Answer: A


Which in an ACI fabric can configure vPCs?
A. Tenant administrator
B. Server administer
C. Network administrator
D. Infrastructure administrator
Correct Answer: D


Which application- centric infrastructure container is used for IP subnets and can be used to define a Layer
2 boundary?
A. bridge domain
B. tenant
C. endpoint group
E. Private network (layer 3)
Correct Answer: A


Where in the APIC GUI are device packages imported?
A. Fabric > Access Politic
B. VM Networking > Policies
C. L4-L7 Services > Inventory
D. L4-L7 Services>Ps
Correct Answer: C

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